How To Use WordPress On The Move Through Mobile Devices

From the, some time ago, reading an article by the prominent blogger and SEO expert about “mobile blogging”. He’d a “blogging box” which allowed him to blog wherever he was (that i thought would be a bit stupid and pretentious). It included an electronic digital camera, a laptop using a 3G modem, a notepad and pen, as well as other pieces. The full lot nearly easily fit in a suitcase.

Thankfully, everything has shifted slightly, and we now have WordPress apps for iPhone/iPad and Android. Both apps are actually compatible with additional or fewer recent versions of WordPress. That being said, ensure you check which sort of WordPress you need to be running as a way to access your dashboard via mobile.

Blogging vs Microblogging

Obviously, your main limitation when utilizing a cell phone for blogging is the fact that everything is a small bit more of a problem. You cannot type as fast, upload as numerous pictures, format as well, or execute a few advanced things. You’re able to do anything you’ll need, however it is a little bit more cumbersome.

That being said, the way forward is clearly microblogging. By microblogging I would not mean a twitter-esque update. I merely mean a bare-bones post, which has a picture and several commentary that you just regarded when you were from your laptop along with a wi-fi connection.

What this allows you to do, amongst other activities, is live-blog events and issues that happen. In the event you spot something exciting, you can have a photo or even a video of it and place it on your blog before you get home. In case you are available of breaking news, this is invaluable.

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