Slovakia – An Interesting Travel Destination Which Needs To Be On Your Travel List

Slovakia is a country with a great range of outdoor activities for tourists to relish. Compact and simple to have around hiking,mountains,rafting, and skiing are here. The reduced Tatras, Mala Fatra, Slovensky Raj ( Slovak Paradise) and also the High Tatras all give you a wonderful outdoor holiday or vacation.

Recommended Slovakia Tourism Experiences

Slovakia has numerous lovely historic cities,castles…..many now crumbling, but with fascinating stories to share with…….chateaux, spas, museums and culture.

Bratislava will be the capital, and intensely nearby the Austrian border.But move into central Slovakia for the real feel of this country that basically has much to offer tourists.Get ready to enjoy the forest along with the historic towns out of this central point.

Historic Slovak Cities

Picture postcard historic towns Banska Bystica and Banska Stiavnica , their buildings set out and about squares, are lovely, though quite different.

Banska Bystrica might be best known because the centre of the 1944 Slovak National uprising. The focus on this old city is namestie SNP, when the old medieval market place.At one end is the Clock Tower .It is just a short climb to the top for magnificent views of Banska Bystrica, stretching towards the Tatra mountains.

Hronsek nearby is well worth a look. This beautiful, totally wooden Baroque style church internal 1726 is quite unique and has been well preserved .It turned out carefully restored preserving the initial character with the church, built without the use of iron nails. The church is usual of Scandinavian and German architecture. On top with the church ,sits a rooster -a symbol of the reformed church.

Banska Stiavnica is a Slovakia tourism treasure with beautiful fine old buildings who have helped it receive UNESCO protected status. A restoration programme is at place, as many in the buildings, from the periods if it would be a precious metals mining town, have fallen into disrepair. Wander the city and gardens, including the Aboretum with huge old redwoods trees .

Bartolomej mines near Kremnica is an extremely interesting trip underground to a miners museum, along with the old mining seams.Dolled up in thick green waterproof coats and difficult hats, you might be taken down in the mine shaft, from the tunnel network.

The Zamok or Chateau at Zvolen is close to the Bartolomej mines plus a beautiful illustration of an early on era. It’s a check out life prior to Slovak National Uprising if it was adopted to be utilized being a fortress. Many rooms now house artworks as well as a museum.

Kremnica was an essential gold mining town, in the Middles Ages. The principle buildings are placed around an urban area square ,overlooked by Mestsky Hrad.(castle) The top feature was town Mint built before 1434. It possesses a great little museum using a coinage hall and old mint machines, which you could actually press a coin

Levoca is amongst the oldest Slovak towns.You can explore the various historic houses throughout the square, so if you are there in June, you might be able to take part from the annual pilgrimage . The “cage of shame” was utilized in the 16th-17th centuries to publicly shame those that behaved badly or trespassed.

There are several castles in Slovakia. Spis Castle is probably the best known plus a real landmark.Spisske Podhraie town can be found beneath Spis castle

Bojnice Castle is often a stunning fairytale castle, within the town of precisely the same name, as well as a National Cultural Monument. Built in several stages, as numerous European castles and churches were, it extends back to at the very least 1113. The tours covered different sections.

Vychlovka features a skanzen of the old village, along with an old steam railway, which previously was used to move wood throughout the Orava region. Vychylovka is surely an interesting tourist attraction, using a 30 minute ride around the historic steam train.

Vlkolinec was included in the World’s cultural heritage list of UNESCO in 1993 because of the country folk heritage. This picturesque village can be found nearby the town of Ruzomberok. Vlkolinec is recognized for its well maintained wooden architecture , where you can find 40 wooden houses from 15th to Nineteenth century, although they look identical from the outside.

A rare Art Experience

The Slovensky Bethlehem would be a delightful artwork, carved away from wood , with moving parts, depicting not merely the birth of your companion Jesus, and also the country of Slovakia. It’s within the village of Rajecka Lesna ,about 15 miles south of Zilina.

Slovakia’s Mountain Areas

Strbske Pleso could be the highest community in the High Tatra Mountains, situated round the lake, it really is about the Electric Railway that runs with the Tatra Mountains, along with its many bars, restaurants and shops, Strbske Pleso bakes an excellent base for anyone wanting to explore the Tatra Mountains.

Stary Smokovecin Hrebienok may be the center of Vysoke Tatry ( High Tatras)mountain area. You’ll find magnificent walks, rushing rivers and waterfalls.

Chopok-Jasna is in the Low Tatras. It is just a popular ski resort in the winter months, whilst in summer it is always good for hiking.You can make funicular cablecar internal 1936 to Chopok fromDemanovska dolina.
Chopok-Jasna is open for tourists all-year long. In summer, spring and autumn the visitors enjoy hiking, cycling and mountain-biking, aquatic events and fishing can be carried out at the Liptovska Mara dam, just 20 km from Jasna village.

Liptov area carries a variety of sights, cultural attractions, spas, thermal swimming pools. The valley of Demanovska dolina is famous for it’s two caves – the Cave of Freedom along with the unique Ice Cave, and are both available to public.

Slovakia has 14 Cave Systems ready to accept the population such as the Ice Cave and Aragonite cave Body of just three on the planet.

The Slovensky Raj ( Slovak Paradise) is a marvellous National Park with waterfalls, gorges, canyons and beautiful forests. There is certainly skiing nearby, and many hikes and walks.You can pass chairlift, or climb the waterfalls and walk the tracks!

Slovakia has several Natural Spas

The Korytnica Spa continues to be popular because the second the main 19th century. It can be situated in the country’s Park with the Low Tatras under the Prasiva mountain, 30 kilometres from Banska Bystrica.

There is far more in Slovakia, such as a wide range of cultural experiences.Concerts, museums and traditional living. I suggest it as a nation which has a a large amount to interest everyone, with the much to do both outdoors and indoors.It is actually a remarkable travel destination!

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