RELX Technology Presents its Smart E-cigarette RELX i at Shanghai International e-Cigarette Industry Expo (IECIE)

(October 30, Shanghai) Asia’s leading independent e-cigarette brand RELX presented its latest product, a Bluetooth-enabled intelligent e-cigarette called the RELX i, on the International e-Cigarette Industry Expo (IECIE) in Shanghai.

The IECIE might just be the world’s largest e-cigarette exhibition that sees participation from over 1,000 companies from your home and abroad.

The RELX i, RELX Technology’s latest manufacturer product line launched in August 2019, could be the first-ever intelligent e-cigarette within the Chinese market. The device connects having a companion app that tracks key usage data and consumption patterns, giving users richer comprehension of the habits of rats and allowing them to make lifestyle changes per their individual goals.

The business is thinking about launching the device in select global markets after the season.

In the exhibition, RELX’s ‘PodBot’ drew much attention through the crowd, which customized e-liquid flavors for curious participants and promptly filled their desired formulations into empty RELXPods in minutes.

The corporation known for the product innovation, finding methods to common industry problems like pod leaks, life cycle of battery, vapor quality, and also other hardware use issues. Up to now, the business has filed over 170 invention patents. RELX products utilize FEELM Inside ceramic atomizers that render richer and much more satisfying vapor.

“What makes us not the same as other brands is always that we invest a great deal to produce details perfect,” said Kate Wang, CEO of RELX Technology.

Its flagship product, the RELX Alpha, as well as the new RELX i both carry its SmartPace vibrate feedback feature that notifies users when they’ve vaped a lot more than 15 times within ten minutes, proof of the company’s resolve for giving customers a more responsible approach to vape.

“RELX Technologies have always placed social responsibility, buyer experience, and product quality above everything else,” said Jiang Long, co-founder of RELX Technology. “Our relentless search for excellence and concentrate on R&D allows us to search hard into what consumers need, and make products which truly bring the long run to the.”

As outlined by market consultancy Euromonitor, RELX Technology holds over 44% from the China market with the first 50 % of 2019. As outlined by RELX Technology, its market share in China has exceeded 60 percent after this August.

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