Important First Steps with Webpage Design

It seems a solid website design goes hand in hand with any type of business that is doing well and achieved success. When you have someone visit your website, what’s the first thing they take notice of? The design of the website is visual and has imagery, and that is the first thing that helps to create our opinions and feelings. There are tons of things that affect conversions, and one of the very first things is the impression they get after they arrive. We cannot discuss all aspects of site design, but here are just a couple that you need to think about in relation to your site.

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Even if you are not shooting for search engine rankings, it is a very good practice to assign relevant names to your webpage filenames. Actually this SEO practice probably had more weight in the past than now, but it is easy to do and certainly will not hurt. So using your primary keywords in the file names can help you with your search engine rankings. Besides this, another thing that you should keep in mind is using hyphens instead of underscores for the file names. If you use no spaces and the words are next to each other the bots will not read them properly. Small things like these matter big time when it comes to making your site successful, because they form an important part of your website’s design.

Make sure you have RSS Auto-Discovery: If you offer an RSS feed of your website’s content (which you should be doing), be sure that you have an auto-discovery code in your website’s header. This will let all of the different web browsers and RSS readers detect your feed automatically and let people know that it is there for them. RSS feeds are great because they allow readers to keep up with content updates and website changes and this one tiny feature can make a major difference in your website.

The alt tags are beneficial to use for several reasons, and we recommend you use them. You will get a little bit of SEO points from them, but mainly we speak of visitors who may be visually impaired. That’s right; the search engines value the Alt tag and search for any keywords that are included in it. This is just a little SEO thing that people do with them, and that may or may not apply to you. All your Alt tags should contain your primary keywords that perfectly describe the images. Even if your site contains only a few images, they all should contain the Alt tag.

There are entire books written about website design, but you can discover enough so you can make your niche sites look quite nice. We always recommend people think about their market and the audience who will be using the site.
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