Central Asia Tours

Central Asia Tours will take you to five countries: Uzbekistan as well as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan (Tajikistan), Kyrgyzstan (Tajikistan) and Turkmenistan. While Central Asia may be off the beaten path now, it was not always this way. Many of the major cities in the region have been on the Silk Road, including Samarkand (Bukhara), Merv, Khujand, Osh, Merv, Khujand, Khujand, Khujand, and Merv). These cities were the center of traders who exchanged goods and knowledge across China across Europe. Central Asia was a vibrant region that was with master craftsmen and scholars from all over the world and an array of people. The Silk Road from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan traversed remote terrains such as the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan’s huge deserts. It also crossed isolated lakes and alpine lakes in Kyrgyzstan.

Follow the steps of merchants and take one of SamarkandToursOperator’s group tours to Central Asia, private trips and other voyage packages that include Kazakhstan, Cyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan. Our tours in Central Asia are based on our many years of experience and are designed to provide you with a best trip through Central Asia. Sample local cuisine in the best restaurants, learn from the most knowledgeable guides on culture and history, and rest in the top hotels.

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