Optimal Webpage Design To Keep Visitors On Your Site

Designing your website entails quite a few important considerations if you want to make a site that will perform well. A non-commercial website can get away with things that a commercial website cannot. We will talk about the more important considerations for website design that must not be ignored.

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How to Benefit From 404 Pages: You’re surely familiar with the “page not found” or 404 Page, which indicates an error was made in typing in the url. It may not have occurred to you that this error message can be used to your advantage when designing your site. The point you have to realize is that anybody who lands on your 404 page and leaves is a potential prospect/customer lost. It’s not very difficult to create a custom 404 page that doesn’t just tell visitors that the page doesn’t exist, but gives them the option to land on your actual site. It’s easy to lose hundreds of visitors if you don’t take this step, especially if your site is a high traffic site. There’s no one right way to custom design your 404 page; just make it a direct path to your site and you can’t go wrong.

One of the things that go into a successful web design is the creation of the pages that contain your copyright notice and privacy policy. It is well worth the money to buy what you need, and all you do is fill in the blanks and you’re done. An outdated copyright notice may send out the wrong signals to your site visitors and make it look unprofessional, and not having a privacy policy will deter your visitors from giving away their contact information, in case you’re collecting it. These pages are important in other areas such as PPC advertising and SEO because the search engines look for them.

If you’re including pictures and images on your website, you shouldn’t forget to use Alt tags to describe these images where you use your primary keywords. You really should think about people with disabilities such as those with vision problems. You will be accomplishing two positive things by using the alt tags. There are other on page SEO elements, and the alt tag is just one of them. What you want to do is put a little description of the photo in the alt tag. So do not just do this for one or two graphics but all of them.

What we discussed in the above article is pretty basic, but many webmasters tend to ignore even the basics, which costs them heavily in the long run. If you want your site to stand out from the rest, then ensure that you’re working on strengthening the basic foundation.
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